La Fortuna Waterfall in Arenal, Costa Rica

La Fortuna Waterfall

20140219-_JLT7712-EditIn a country filled with waterfalls, how does La Fortuna stack up? Is it worth the $10? Is it worth the hike? How bad is the hike? It seems like these are the questions everyone has about most of the tourist spots so let’s see if La Fortuna Waterfall is worth your time and tourist dollars.

Getting There

The waterfall itself is around 10-15 minutes outside of La Fortuna. When we went it was in the dry season and a 4WD vehicle wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t the best road in the country but it was far from the worst. Parking is ample and well organized; plus no requirement to back into a space as is often the case at Costa Rican tourist spots.


$10 to get in. As a value play this is probably one of the more expensive sites in Costa Rica. You’re paying $10 for an hour worth of hiking and however long you choose to play at the waterfall. That being said it’s a very well-maintained area (the path is under construction as of February 2014) and the money all goes to a non-profit. Continue reading…

Playa Barrigona

Banned From the Beach in Costa Rica

The last three weeks here in Costa Rica have been a bit trying. By that I mean I’ve been sick. It’s been odd because there hasn’t been one consistent symptom or one that would lead me to say for sure that I have the flu, sore throat, or something else definitively. Over the past three weeks I’ve felt everything from mild sweating to the worst headache I’ve had in my life, plus everything in between. I never felt consistently bad. I’d have a couple days in a row where I’d be fine and then BAM! back to feeling on the verge of death. Further complicating matters was that two days were spent at altitude around the Poas Volcano. At one point I was fully convinced that I was just suffering from altitude sickness. Get me back to Potrero and I’d be fine I thought. Continue reading…

Giant Grasshopper of Costa Rica - Tropidacris dux

Giant Grasshoppers of Costa Rica

Giant Grasshopper of Costa Rica - Tropidacris dux

Giant Grasshopper of Costa Rica – Tropidacris dux

After living in Costa Rica for 4+ months, there are very few things that suprise me. A six inch long grasshopper is one of those things. They really are impressive. As a matter of fact, they are very popular amongst the neighborhood cats. Catching one of these makes for a nice snack apparently.